Best 3 Web Browser for Mac

Browsers plays a major role in Internet arena. So that we need to choose a proper browser for our computers. Here, we are going to aware you about the best browser for your Mac operating system. We all know that mac is one of the complicated and high end operating system so choosing a best browser for Mac OS X is little complex. However, we have find some best browser for your Apple computers before discussing more let us quickly enter into the topic.

Best Browser for Mac

Top 3 Best browser for Mac OS X

In this article, we are going to share top 3 web browser for Mac operating system. Let’s check it out below:

#1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the top-notch web browser for mac that comes with plenty of Add-on’s feature which will make you to add to your browser. This browser is speed, smooth in response and the performance also great. It is old browser that still give a hassle-free performance to competing with latest browsers.

Highlights of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Plenty of Add-on’s available.
  • Fluid user interface
  • Great performance
  • Tab Browsing options available.
  • Incognito browsing is available.

#2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is yet another best browser for mac which comes with plenty of great feature. It can sustain even we can use more than 10 tabs instantly, without crashing it. The speed of the browser is high and it will give you a flawless performance. It also has a tons of extensions which are available on the Google’s store.

Features of Google Chrome:

  • Simple User Interface and smooth design.
  • Speed of the browser is high.
  • Tons Extensions available on the market
  • Highly secured browser.
  • Themes options also available.

#3. Safari Browser

Safari Browser is one of the class browser for Mac OS and is pre-installed in every mac computers. This browser is especially made for Apple computers and hand held devices. It gives flawless performance and fluid user interface. Only drawback I faced from this browser is draining the battery a lot. It may resolved in future updates.

Features of Safari Browser:

  • Fluid user interface.
  • Memory consumption is low.
  • High performance.

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